martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Why is Josh Groban so special?

Is not only his amazing and overwhelming baritone voice, is not only that he writes the most beautiful songs, is not only that he is a multiplatinum musician and more, a very talented person and someone that cares about the world around him. He goes even beyong. His fans, Grobanites, will understand what I'm saying, because we love Josh not only as a singer but as a human being, as a friend even when the possibilities that many of us will never meet him are huge.
He gives his heart and soul in every song, and you can see that in his concerts. I, personally had never being in one of his concerts phisically, and is only because he still didn't come to Latinamerica, but who knows about the future. But the people who had that amazing oportunity only testified what you can feel for example in his Awake Live Dvd. He makes his audience feel special even if you are sitten in the last and lost row. He has that childish touch and smile that can win the most skeptical listener. He is someone unique, still young and still with so much to give that all the things that I can say about him will be always giving space for more, much more.
He also involves himself in many humanitarian activities. He is embassador for Nelson Mandela's Foundation 46664 and has his own Foundation, but he does more. To read more about him, and everything related to him you can visit his official website
Josh's 29 birthday is this Saturday February 27 and because of that I just wanted to explain why he is so special for us, his fans, I probably didn't express myself well, I probably forgot to mention very important things and probably other fans can express better why he is so unique for all of us, but even when he probably will never read this, I just wanted to take the opportunity of this special occasion to speak about him to people that might not know him, or not know him much. If you are willing to know more and if you want to listen to his extraordinary voice, you have plenty of examples in his blog. His music is so powerful and inspiring that I bring it a lot to this blog. I even started to write and paint again thanks to his music and also, I meet amazing friends that also love his music. We are like a big happy family, and is because Josh has that virtue too, he makes this world seems smaller than it is.
Happy Birthday Josh!!! Thankyou for all the happiness you bring to all of us!!!

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