viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Missing you

I miss your kiss, I miss your touch
I miss the sweet sound of your heart
beating when we hug
but how can I miss all this when I never had you
how can I dream of you I you are not mine
and, besides
they tell me that I must forget about you
they say you are not for anyone
and while I keep asking me why
I miss you, I go around this world missing you
missing every detail of you
your brown sweet eyes
your silent smile
the funny things you said when we talk
the tone of your voice calling my name
the sound of your hands creating music
I miss you even though I must forget you
I miss you even when I can't love you
And I live my life fighting this feeling
fearing the love that is growing inside of me
fearing to fall when I already jump in the dark

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