jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

All my doubts have your name

All my love and my doubts have your name
Should I love you?
Should I forget you?
I know you are alone, I know you are looking for love
I am alone too
and searching for happines and love too
But someone told me: NO
Someone said, this love can't be
Somene said you are not for me
Is this true?
Are you another uthopy?
Are you another dream I should give up
Should I put my heart in the mercyfull hands of the time
and forget your name and your face
Is that even possible?
I know I love you
even when I fight my feelings
even when I deny I dream of you
And now I see your eyes
I see the soft look they have
And I surrender to this love again
Suffering in silent
Suffering without saying a word
and all the doubts in my head
all the fights in my heart
have your name

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