domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

I want

In the lonely hours of the night
it feels so cold
the darkness goes forever
and forever goes my solitude.
The hours never pass
and all I want is someone to hug me
someone to kiss me and make my sadness go away
I want to forget I am alone
I lived to long in this isolated island
I forgot how it feels to be loved
I really never know how it is.
How it is to be the sun for someone
How it is to be the reasson of someone's smile
All I want is someone
to love me just as I am
A partner, a companion, a friend
someone to relly on
Is it to much to ask?
Is it a hard task?
I want to believe there is someone for me
Someone that is also waiting for love
I want to escape from this abbyss I'm falling in for so long
I want a helping hand to hold on

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