domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011


Silence holds me back
I can not speak even if I want to
my eyes are full of sad tears
my heart hurts and is screamming
but I'm in silence
I can't say a word,
even if I want to
The pain is so deep
I can't mention it
the pain is dark blue
and I can't share it
Please don't get me wrong
Is not that I don't want to be around anymore
Is not that I don't want my friends anymore
Is just that this pain is so strong
I can't share it
I can't speak
all I can do is kepp quiet
deep in silence, deep in tears
alone and getting lonelier
without scape or hope
and I don't know anymore how to brake it
is stronger than me even when I fight it
Silence holds me back,
keeping me in prision
without hope

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