sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Imperfect bottle

Ok, I needed to start writing about my update feelings.... and I feel a mess, bad, but with a big hope inside to be like the phoenix....getting back from my ashes... Time to start to searching what's good inside me, getting out from this long and stupid depression that keeps me the way I am now: big and fat, shearching for love even when I know nobody is going to loose a minute to look at me. It isn't easy to write about this, and maybe that's why I'm writing in English, to put some distance to what hurts.
But stop complaning... Today I decided what I already decided long ago and fail to do it, start again, going back to the real me, whoever that is. The closer people to my heart say I'm fat and discusting, and I know they are right, it hurts a lot, it makes me sad, but is true...
Well, let's call this my day one! I started it walking in my favorite park and decided to get back from the big hole I feel long ago... Is very likely I wont be able to satisfice everybody, specially the closer people that said I'm a failer... but I need to get back and go on with my life... Hopefully I have the courage to do it...
Let's start, with step one!!


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