martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Don't be me

I started this year by saying I want to change, that I want to be wicked, meaner. I want to stop being the stupid and good girl of always. Then is not easy. I'm so used to say yes to almost everything and want to make everybody happy, but  that's an uthopy. From now on, my goal is to make ME happy, and if nobody understand...whatever!
So, to other people in the same boat, if you want to be happy, just don't be like me. Don't be always there for everybody, because when you finally want to do something diferent, they will say you are selfish, and they will forget all the other times you were there to help.
Just be your self and don't expect anything from anybody, this is a jungle and we are in a war. Live your life like everybody does, just for them.


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