lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

How does a dress pants for woman transforms itself in a sorry short

For work I usually wear pants, and I used to have one pair of dress pants that I used it almost daily. Not daily, but constantly, it was navy blue and it had a very classic stile. Well, not anymore.... One day, the cleanning lady at my house accidently splashed with bleach, so it automatically turn to orange in some points.
And my brother had a brillant idea!!! He said to submerge the pans in a bowl of water full of bleach. And so we tried it.... We touhgt it will became completely white, but no, at first, it was orange, yes so orange I thought I could get a job as a sweeper in the City Hall. Later the furious orange became paler and paler to the tone you see in the picture. The poor pants were absolutely horrible... So I took  some scissors and then, after a dizzy cut!! tataataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! there you have the unique and special sorry shorts!!! Is very appropiate for this summer season, :)
.... to think this was navy blue!!

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