lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

New Year's resolution (hopefully the beginning of a story-blog-novel-you name it)

A new year has started! And with it, a bag full of resolutions, tons of  ideas, wishes....and just one big super hope: that this year will errase all the bad things from the past year and just bring new good things....
So, this is my first resolution: stop feeling sorry for myself!!! And with it... being more evil than the normal me... Is that possible? Well, I definately want to give it a try! Stop being what others expect and just be me, no matter what anybody else opinion is!
So... well, now I went blanck. Is funny, when  my head is full of ideas, I think I'm going to start writing without stopping but then I don't have anything left to say.. Is probably because is lunch time and I'm hungry, and also I'm with the flu, so for now that's it... bye bye for now...

oh, I forgot, happy new year!!


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