miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

She is on fire!

Yes, I am. Unfortunately not in the way of the girl in the video. I'm just in the middle of this crisis, wondering how could I be so blind or stupid, or actually wondering what happen! There was this person I loved and I thought I know too well, but then, seems that I was wrong. I was trully hurt, and this person doesn't care. Ok, I'm praying now to forget, and is not easy at all. And yes, I'm on fire, with lots of things in my head, trying not to give up, living my life one day at a time.
Does anyone knows how does it feel to be stupid and blind and then wake up and see you were living in another planet?
And I use this song because I love Train, and this song is wonderful, and the title fits exactly on how I feel inside, but maybe just the tittle. By the way, I would love to be in a place like the video, with the sea and everything, that atmosphere is magical.

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