viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Book review: La joven de la perla Tracy Chevalier

La joven de la perlaLa joven de la perla by Tracy Chevalier
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I wanted to read this book for so long that I couldn't wait to finish the ones that I was already reading when it arrived to my mother's used books's store. In fact it was first in my "to-read" list here at Goodreads, and it didn't disapoint me at all.
Reading Girl with a Pearl Earing (La joven de la perla in Spanish) is like admiring a painting. It is full of colors and textures, rich in shades and lights. Is like watching the artist create his work. The real Vermeer comes back to life to meet his imaginary but very presumable muse and creates one of his most famous and intriging portraits. "Girl with the earing" is known as the Dutch Monalisa for the mistery that  it exude.Her lips might be open in a sensual smile, but her big eyes seems to express sadnes, solitude, many things, so many that is so easy to believe in a story like the one Tracy Chevalier wrote about it.
I didn't watch the movie inspired on this book. I hope to watch it one day soon.

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