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Book review: 4 Rubias Candace Bushnell

4 Rubias4 Rubias by Candace Bushnell
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was never a fan of "Sex and the city", I didn't watch the episodes, just glims of them. But I was curious enough to start reading this book when I learned who the author was.
This is the portrait of a material girl whose obsesion is to find a house to stay for the summer in the exclusive Hamptons, and how does she get them? She gets involves with men who have big houses there, the actors, writers, celebrities, people with social status. Why when men do what Janey does we consider them lucky busters, but when a woman does so, she simply became a whore. A expensive one but a whore at last.
Then came the succesful couple, too worried to show they are perfect when they know they are not. The truth is, they hate eachother. At this point, you are tired of reading and when you go on, the other characters just confirm your worst fears...this book is a complete waste of time.
To be fair, it made me laugh sometimes, but because the characters are completely crazy. I think the book should be named "4 crazy women".

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