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Book Review: Retrato de un asesino. Jack el Destripador, Caso Cerrado. Patricia Cornwell

Retrato de un asesino. Jack el Destripador: Caso cerradoRetrato de un asesino. Jack el Destripador: Caso cerrado by Patricia Cornwell
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This is not fiction, is a real crime investigation document writen by one of the finest mistery writers. Patricia Cornwell went to London and almost by accident started to investigate one of the most popular psycopath who was never caught, Jack The Ripper. With documents from that time, Patricia starts to digg into those crimes and many questions and also answers start to rise. For example, where the known killings the only ones that he commited, is very likely that the answer is no, because a psycopath can't stop the virulent desire to kill. East End of 1888 was the perfect enviroment for Jack the Ripper to commit his crimes and then vanish into the dark and go back to his "normal" life...
The police was not ready for Jack The Ripper. He knew that and it made him laugh a lot...
This book is a very interesting document for those interested in recent history. Is a very compeling book, specially for those who likes CSI and everything related.

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