lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Book review: La habitación de Ambar, The Amber Room by Steve Berry

La Habitacion de Ambar = The Amber RoomLa Habitacion de Ambar = The Amber Room by Steve Berry
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I really enjoy this kind of book! A treasure hunting is always something exciting! Specially when the treasure is something real and misterious like The Amber room. Is not the first time I hear about The Amber Room, after starting this book I couldn't help but to look for some update information. The truth is, this Room had never being found, to the point that it had to be recrated based in photographs. Is amazing how something so big can just vanish.
As the story goes, you can almost guess where the Room is, or with whom, or maybe not. Still the same, is just fun to read this cat-hunting-mice kind of adventure. I wonder if there is a movie base on this book. I think it will be something interesting to watch.
Some people compares Steve Berry to Dan Brown.But like someone else said, he is so much better!!

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