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Book review: The Clowns of God by Morris West

The Clowns of God (Bantam)The Clowns of God by Morris L. West
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Again is not easy to make a review of a Morris West book! It has so many things and is never simple.
Morris West is an expert to make his readers ponder questions that scratch the philosophical and spiritual issues.. Are you ready to believe in a modern prophet? Do you actually believe God is capable of anything, including making a Pope see with his own eyes the ends of the days of the human race and the world as we know it, and that they are not far away in time but close and present.
The Vatican Cardinals forced the Pope to advicate and imprison hin in the silence of a monastery.
At the first part of the book, by the hand of one of his best friends, Carl Mendelius, an ex-priest you are asked, is the Pope insane or is he telling the truth. The other question that hounted all the book is, why is the Vatican so afraid of his vision, how far are they ready to go to silence this dangerous man.
Just in the second part you are able to know Jean Marie Barette, the former Pope Gregory the Seventeenth better than in the begining, and you can see he is not crazy or inventing things... But that is all I will tell, I don't want to spoil the book saying anything more.
Just let me copy this small extract from this beautiful book, a part that was really touching:
"Dear God: I love this funny world; but I have just heard the news that You are going to destroy it; or worse still, You are going to sit up in heaven and watch us destroy it... I can't argue with what You do. It's Your universe... But please before the last big bang, could You explain some things to me?... but for Johnny the Clown, You'll have to make it all very simple..."

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