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Cincuenta sombras más oscuras, o fifty shades # 2

Cincuenta sombras más oscuras (Fifty Shades, #2)Cincuenta sombras más oscuras by E.L. James
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Electrifying! My inner goddess enjoyed this book more than the first one!
Now we get to know why Christian is fifty shades of Grey. we learn his story, his secrets and deep fears. I read somewhere that Anastasia and Christian were inspired in the famous couple from Twilight, Bella and Edward, and if you read it carefully, yes you can find many similarities. Of course, this one is a "Twilight" only for adults and without vampires. Instead of vampires we had imperfect human beings that love eachother.
So now I'm ready to read the last book of this interesting trilogy... I hope it is at level with the one I just ended reading

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