martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Why wait

Why wait when there is nothing to wait.
Why hope when there is nothing to hope for
My paths seems so lonely again
My heart is broken again
Why laugh, when laughing is just a mask
Deep inside there is a crack
is the sound of my heart falling into pieces
Deep inside I know I must continue
I must close the door again
and just walk away
Dark and lonely seems to be my path
Rocks upon rocks, hurting my naked feets
Why wait when there is no hand to hold mine
Alone as always and without any hope
I sometimes don't want to follow
I just want to get lost
vanish from this lonely earth
Sometimes I wish I could just fly away
Why wait when there is no tomorrow.
Hope seems a word without sense
light is dark inside my heart
... I just feel so small, so sad...

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