domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

This beautiful feeling called love

When I was alone and dream alone about love
I just thought it was a distand marvel
Something I could never reach
Something very far from me
Now I have you, and I realize that love is happiness
Love is to live with an easy smile
I feel happy because of you
I want to dream and wake up with you
I want to close my eyes and feel you next to me forever
you complete me
you make my day lighter and brighter than it was
I feel warm and safe
I feel cared
When I'm with you hand in hand, nothing else matters
When I put my head on your chest
So close to your heart, the world just vanish
I feel happy and complete
And is because you give sense
to this beautiful feeling called love
You give reassons and meaning to those simple four letters
that form...


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